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Adobe Photoshop Express review

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Adobe Photoshop Express lets you edit your clicks and snaps on-the-go. It is fast, fun and offers a myriad of features, fixes, and filters that make your images look more beautiful than they were ever before.

Interface and Design 9/10

The app version of Adobe Photoshop is entirely different from its desktop version. However, the theme is exactly the same. Like its computer version, the app has a dark glossy grey color interface that is quite soothing and appealing. While there are some important features viz. redo, undo, share, etc. on the top of the app, the bottom of Adobe Photoshop boasts of other imperative functionalities. All in all, the design and workplace are simple, elegant and has essential functionalities placed strategically on it.

Key Functions 9/10

Adobe with its Photoshop application has been making your images, shots and candid better and better with every single version and update. The Adobe Photoshop Express is crammed with features and functionalities that blow life to all your clicks. 

You can directly snap a picture from the app and with its Auto-Fix function, you can instantly adjust for contrast, white balance, as well as, exposure. Another innovative feature of the app is its ability to remove spots, dust, and dirt from your pictures. There are more than 20 filters that offer your image eye-catching effects and make it social media-ready. There are red eye removal and pet eye correction functions that remove the red and shining spots from the eyes in the clicks. The app still holds some of its basic yet essential functions such as crop, straighten, rotate, etc.

Once you are happy with what you created, you can either save that to your phone or share it directly from the app to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Usability 9/10

Today, every social media platform allows you to upload your picture and share your memories with other. However, it is necessary to give a refined look to your stills before you make them public. Catering to all your image editing needs, Adobe Photoshop Express is always there with you in your pocket.

Use the app to sharpen your images, adjust its temperature and tint it the way you like. Have a panoramic image to edit? Bring it on board and tamper with its saturation, hue, vibrancy, and lot more. The image rendering engine of the app offers it an improved performance and, thus, it can handle any large file in terms of size and dimension.

Express yourself with your images by giving it a customized look. Choose from more than 12 borders and frames and add a distinctively personal touch to your image. 

Cross Platform Use 8/10

The Adobe Photoshop Express is compatible and runs as smooth as silk on gadgets and device that runs on iOS, Android, and Windows.

The Verdict

Experience a professional yet easy way to edit all your clicks and images with Adobe Photoshop Express. The app is jam packed with a myriad of features that get your pictures to pop. Apart from editing, the app also ensures that it ornaments your photo with numerous effects, filters, and fixes. With more than 36 stunning tones and easy to navigate workspace, the Adobe Photoshop Express revolutionizes the way you enhance your pictures. 

Edit your pictures in Adobe Photoshop Express and let them be the talk among your social circles.

Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 8
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